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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i cough a lot and move in my chair. if i cannot sleep why should you? >> anderson: are you kidding? the other reason i do the hat is so i do not see anybody take off their shoes and see the hobbit feet. >> you slept the entire time it was so boring. >> anderson: i am the worst person to fly with people think they will have a long chat with me. and before the plane takes off, and all the flight attendants love me because i never request anything. they know i pull down my hat and i am out. anyway. we got to take another break --. >> no, we are done. >> that is it. >> time flies when you are having fun. >> we will pass out the lottery tickets and judge marilyn milian thank you for being with us. weekdays on "the people's court." she will be back on the show on monday. have a great weekend. bye-bye. >> we have a great week coming up.
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julian moore is on the program. and padma lakshmi will come back. and kathy griffin will be my co-host next week as well. have a great rest of the weekend. developing news -- a missing baby just recovered following an amber alert. live coverage in the south bhai on this developing story. celebration time, a long problem solved on the san mateo coast.
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minutes ago a happy ending for the amber alert in the south bay involving a baby. live coverage on this developing story. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. we begin with new developments in the amber alert issued for a little girl just a few days shy of her first birthday. she was in her mother's car when it was stolen early this morning. we have exclusive video live from san mateo. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon. we understand the baby girl hasn't yet been reunited but it's hopefully going to be happening soon. police officers told us the baby girl was alone in the stolen jeep and she was crying. there's a live picture of the police activity on amergosa court off buckeye drive. it appears to be an apartment complex. you can't actually see the white stolen jeep from where we're standing, it's around the corner but this is in the area
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of near capital expressway and center road. let's go to earlier video from chopper 2 where you can see the little girl in the arms of police. now, that little girl is 11-month-old gabriella quintero, taken in an ambulance to get checked at a nearby hospital to make sure he's ok. police have been receiving tips ever since the chp issued a statewide amber alert they were looking for a white 2006 jeep liberty stolen at 6:40 this morning from a home on amador court. the thersaid she loaded the baby in the car, was going back and forth getting ready for work. came back out and the baby and jeep was gone. police had been searching throughout the city getting multiple tips and a tip led them to this address. somebody had spotted the car wh they got here the actual car thief was not here. they had apparently dumped the car, this is what police told us moments ago about this. >> just because we found the
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baby and the vehicle doesn't mean that we just pack up and go home now. the investigation is still in full sweep. we want to know who took the car and their motivation. so the car is a huge piece of evidence. we'll call the investigative unit out to process the vehicle for evidence and fingerprints and so forth. that car will likely be impounded. >> reporter: the mother of gabriella told police earlier that she's seen a female in her mid-30s standing outside her home holding a shopping target bag. she didn't recognize her. she thought maybe that was the woman who got into her car and stole it but at this point police don't know if that is actually the suspect. as you heard they are gathering evidence here at the scene and they are hoping it leads them to whoever is responsible for kidnapping this girl and stealing the car. at this point they don't know if it was an intentional kidnapping or if the person was just after a stolen car. we hope to get an update from police and if we do we will give it to you live in this
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show. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. police continue to investigate a deadly stabbing, it happened friday afternoon on north first street not far from the santa clara jail. police are looking for this man, 25-year-old juan ramirez. he is accused of killing his former girlfriend, 29-year-old sandra cruz gonzalez. investigators say ramirez may be driving a dark green 1996 toyota t-100 pickup similar to this one and may be headed to mexico. this noontime both sides of the prop 8 debate are gearing up for a big week. starting tomorrow the u.s. supreme court will hear two cases about gay marriage and both could have huge impacts for the state and country. brian flores is in the newsroom. how are people preparing for the hearing? >> reporter: no question this is a big week for both sides but starting tomorrow the u.s. supreme court is set to hear on proposition 8 and on
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wednesday the court will hear oral arguments on the defense of marriage act. several groups will be holding rallies leading up to tomorrow. tonight, for example, same-sex marriage supporters are holding a rally and march starting 6:30 p.m. at castro and market streets. meantime, in washington, dc people have been camped out in front of the supreme court building since thursday. they are lined up in hopes of getting one of the 250 seats set aside for the public. the justices are not expected to rule on either case until june but one law expert we spoke with says recent public opinion and polling that favors gay marriage could have weight with the justices. she also believes the justices may come to a compromise, even portions of doma may be struck down. >> i think it will be appealing for conservatives on the court because it's a question of the federal government coming in to legislate in an area that has been traditionally reserved for the states making marriage law. i think it's a very conservative argument that will appeal to more conservative members of the court. then the liberal members of the court will be excited about being able to sort of affirm a
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commitment to progressive values like same-sex marriage. >> reporter: here's a breakdown of what may happen in the next few days. if the court strikes down prop 8 as a violation of constitutional rights same-sex marriage would become legal nationwide. or the cot can support prop 8, that means the state can decide whether or not to legalize same marriage. the supporters could be found to lack standing. some legal experts think the lower court rulings would stand if that were the case. a berkeley couple will also attend the hearing. they've been together for 13 years and raised four boys. they say they want the same benefits as heterosexual couples do. the heritage foundation said they hope at least the law in california stands. currently nine states and district of columbia allow same-sex couples to marry. 29 states banned it outright. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> david stevenson will be at the supreme court for
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tomorrow's oral arguments and he'll have live reports throughout the day. join us for a news special at 6:30 when we go in depth on the prop 8 case. we'll break down the arguments and gauge reaction from washington, dc to the bay area but a decision is probably not expected in this case until mid-june. meanwhile, the u.s. supreme court today is set to hear a case filed by federal regulators which could affect the cost of prescription medicine. the government is asking the high court to stop big pharmaceutical corporations from paying other drug companies to delay releasing cheaper generic drugs. regulators argue those deals deny american consumers price reductions on their medication of about 90%. pharmaceutical companies say the deals protect the billions of dollars they spend developing new drugs. the supreme court is also broadening its examination of a case that could end the practice of race-based affirmative action in education. the justices heard arguments over a michigan effort to ban
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conversation of race in college admissions. the court is already considering a 2008 challenge to the university of texas affirmative action program. the court today said it would combine the michigan and texas cases. a ribbon-cutting ceremony got underway about an hour ago for the opening of the long awaited new twin tunnels bipatsing the problem-prone highway at devil slide. alex joins us live from san mateo county where residents there have been waiting decades for the new tunnels. >> reporter: one of the speakers today called this one of california's newest landmarks. you can see behind me here this is one of the two brand new tunnels that will take drivers around that notorious section called devil's slide. this event is still going on. the ribbon-cutting hasn't taken place yet but the tunnels will soon be officially untunnel is california's latest golden gate bridge. it's the transportation improvement that nearly
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everyone said couldn't be done! >> reporter: that's congresscom spear talking today at today's ceremony. it's been a long time coming for lawmakers that pushed the project through and for the people of the coastal communities, half-moon bay to pacifica. who put up with years of crashes and closures along this stretch of highway 1. . drivers can now avoid the section of highway 1 where there have been mudslides and rockslides over the years. it took eight years to complete, a cost of just over $400 million. the late congressman tom lantos secured funding and the tunnels are named in his honor. his widow said he's smiling down today. >> it's everything he envisioned it to be. we are very proud and we are
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very proud of those who worked so hard to make this a reality. >> reporter: this is the first new tunnel to be constructed in california in 50 years. the old section of highway 1 at devil's slide will be turned into a path for walking and biking so it will be put to good use. as we bring you back to a live picture you can see a line of vintage cars all waiting to drive through the new tunnels. they will be doing that shortly, as soon as the ribbon is cut. these will be the first cars to drive through the tunnel including this one here. this beautiful car from 1913, one of the first cars to drive through. that will happen shortly. the tunnel should be open to the public -- should be able to drive through the new tunnels, we're hoping by tomorrow morning's commute. that's the hope from caltrans. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. the golden gate bridge bridge district is days from ending its human toll collection and activating its all electronic toll-taking system. a new sign went up this
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morning to remind drivers the golden gate bridge will convert to all electronic tolling this wednesday. drivers crossing the bridge will have a choice of fastrak or paying based on the picture taken with their license plate number. 14 toll takers will lose their jobs as a result, some though have been trained for other positions. caught on camera -- a wild police chase in the bay area and the earlier crimes that may be connected. the last day of sunshine for a while but does that mean there will be rain? and more on the developing story of the recovery of a baby missing this morning and found.
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a train hit and killed a man this morning on the cal train tracks in palo alto. the northbound train hit the man about 6:50 near charleston road. that closed the tracks in both directions for about an hour causing major delays in the morning commute. the southbound tracks reopened just before 8:00 a.m. this is the fifth death on the cal train tracks this year. we want to update you now on the top story. an amber alert issued early this morning is now over. a little girl was found late this morning inside her mother's car, that car had been
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stolen. ktvu's ktvu janine de la vega with more on the person that stole the white jeep. >> reporter: yes, very happy conclusion to this story since that little girl is safe. we're told she's now at a local hospital being checked out but she was found here behind me, this is on amorosa court, near capital expressway and center road. we understand, police tell us it was a tip that was called in, somebody spotted a stolen jeep in this neighborhood and then called police. to get more information about how this all came about and to  find out if a reunion happened we go to officer albert morales with the police department. has the mother seen her baby yet? >> currently the mother is being reunited with the child, happening as we speak. i'm sure she's going to be very, very thankful that she can hold and hug her child again. my last contact with the mother moments governor --
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before we were notified, she was at the table holding a rosary talking to detectives, obviously in pain and suffering but this is obviously really, really good news. as we can all imagine mom is hopefully now being able to hold her child again and of course resting at ease now. >> we know this little girl, 11-month-old gabriella had been missing since 6:42 in the morning. it appears somebody stole the mother's jeep while she loaded the little girl in the car. what is going on? is there still a search for the woman? or man? do we know if it's a woman because we had originally heard the suspect might have been a woman. >> right now we're going off the assumption we originally put off it was a female in her 30s, hispanic or white female. officers are currently -- we have our crime scene technicians from our crime scene unit here currently. they just arrived on scene. they will be processing the vehicle for any evidentiary value we may be able to locate fingerprints and such from the vehicle. we are also conducting a van cast of this -- canvas of
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this whole neighborhood to determine if there are witness that's may have seen the vehicle come in or out of the area or if anyone has seen the vehicle occupied. you are correct, the person did report it, called it into the police department. we immediately confirmed it was the vehicle we were looking for. he did describe there was a baby in the back seat that was crying. again, officers got here very quickly, we were able to confirm the vehicle, get the child into a medical vehicle and then on her way to the hospital to get checked out medically. >> albert morales with the san jose police department, thank you. you heard, seems that police will be here at the scene for several hours surrounding that jeep. you can't see it, it's around the corner from where i'm standing. it's out of view but we'll have much more on this story coming up on the later newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. live from san jose, janine de la vega, channel 2 news. breaking news from contra costa county where the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash.
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it happened before 10:00 this morning on eastbound highway 4 near victoria island. the chp says that toyota forerunner left the road and flipped on its roof in four feet of water. two people were trapped inside. two witnesses jumped in to try to save them but could not get them out of the truck. the cause of the crash has not yet been determined but investigators say the truck may have been speeding. a four-day hearing began this morning in federal court in sacramento over the city of stockton's attempt to declare bankruptcy. stockton wants the case to stay under federal jurisdiction because it is easier in state court for creditors to force it to pay its debts. stockton has more than a billion dollars in debt. bankruptcy would mean the city could reduce payments to both creditors and bondholders. a police chase that ended last night in oakland may have ties to crimes in hayward and san jose. our cameras captured these images of the pursuit. it ended when the car spun
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out on i-580 between harrison street and park boulevard. it began in hayward when officers tried to pull the driver over for a dui. police believe the three men inside could be linked to the shooting of a man driving with his wife and child in hayward early yesterday afternoon. >> there was an earlier incident that involved a shooting from a vehicle and right now we're just determining whether or not this vehicle was in fact involved in that. we're still investigating. >> hayward police officer also tweeted around midnight that officers had three suspects in custody, after a high speed chase. that may be involved in a san jose armed robbery and shooting. hundreds of hotel workers at hilton san francisco union square are celebrating a new contract today. >> these workers, not only are going to have great wages, they are going to have health benefits, they are going to have a pension that they can rely on for years and years to come. >> san francisco mayor ed lee
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joined hotel leaders and members of the union this morning to announce the end of several months of labor negotiations. the agreement is the result of a coordinated effort with hilton hotels in six cities, the union says this will help organize its members to work on securing better contracts with other hotel groups. after a weekend with hardly a cloud in the sky things have really changed today. a weak system coming in but strong enough to not only give us low clouds but also high clouds. temperatures dropped off a good one to 11 degrees cooler. a current weak system, most heading to the north to the oregon border but we're getting high clouds and because this system is coming in a front always pushes in the low clouds. the combo equals a lower pattern. the ridge of high pressure moved to the east, allowing the westerly breeze to kick in. looks like a cooler week
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ahead. i think we'll get more sunshine tomorrow, mostly clouds today. a lot of these just going over us right now. a couple of echoes but i doubt anything reaches the ground. 30s, 40s, 50s this morning. now mainly 40s and 50s. santa rosa 50. in the city 49. concord 59. so everyone is pretty close on the temperatures. also that westerly breeze is in place, fairfield west at 22. that will take the edge off. livemore west at 12. the breeze is really kicking up. that all equals a cooler pattern. 26 in tahoe, 56 there now. eureka only 48 degrees. if you want to warm up head to palm springs, 81 degrees. the big system continues to churn into the great lakes, now show sliding over towards the east and northeast. it was all snow, now looks like a mix of, well, mixed precipitation, snow and maybe freezing rain as well but as long as this pattern has been locked in and has been since
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about january, with the strong system going into the rockies, northern plains, east, we get these weak systems and that is what we have today. hard-pressed to get rain from it. maybe the end of the week but i'm not even sold on that so partly sunny today, high clouds and patchy fog, you have to be far inland, filtered sun. 60s on the temperatures or very low 70s. just too much in the way of cloud cover. that west wind also decided to fire up. so 60s for many or even just 50s on the coast. a far cry from the weekend where temperatures were above average. they are sliding to near average to below today. partly sunny and partly cloudy tuesday into wednesday. another system approaches late thursday/friday. i put some possibility, my gut feeling is it's going to visit southern california. >> oh, really? >> we can't really get a break on rain. >> thank you. school kids in arinda hula hoop their way into the guinness book of world records this morning.
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>> more than 400 students at del rey elementary school took part in a five-minute hula hoop workout that breaks the record set by 290 students in hutchinson, kansas. the organizer says it was more than fun, but aimed at teaching the children life lessons. >> anything you put your mind to, you can achieve. two, never dream small, always dream big. third is, most importantly, believe in yourself. >> he says he got the idea while reading through the guinness book of world records with his daughter. still ahead -- the special very fuzzy delivery from china to canada. ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth
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a bailout deal has turned to worry about the european economy. one analyst says europe still needs a long economic fix. aaa reports gas prices are down slightly as more gas prices come back on-line with summer blend gas. as usual san francisco has the highest average price locally at $4.14 a gallon. $4.03 in oakland, san jose and santa rosa. those prices are down about a quarter from this time last year. fedex made a giant overnight delivery in toronto this morning carrying two pandas from china.
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the pandas, a male and female will be on loan to the canadians for 10 years. the first five years at the zoo in toronto, the second five in calgary. the canada prime minister and china's prime minister were on happened to greet the pandas when they arrived. a police escort accompanied them to the zoo. we've learned two people were killed in a crash along highway 4 just after 10:00. a and we're told witnesses jumped into the water to try and save them. crews are talking to veriors and trying to find some of the witnesses. the latest at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you on and mobile